Christ the King took 48 students to the Briars for a week long retreat that took many students on a spiritual journey.

It was a great opportunity for many of them to have a different experience of faith. Many were exposed to areas of spirituality that they had never had the chance to experience. Many found the week an eye opener. Many saw that you can believe in God and have fun at the same time. But most importantly, they realised that admitting that they are themselves and that is how God made them was the biggest achievement of the week. The students grew as people during this retreat and that is something that is not easy for a young person to do and accept.

The week didn’t come without its challenges and we battled through snow and hail at various points of the week! That didn’t dampen the spirit of the students however and walks were still walked, football was still played, fire was still made and games were still happening all around the site.

The students were an absolute credit to the school and the Briars teams are still mentioning this group to me now, which says a lot about how incredible that these young people are.

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