Lent is a time for reflection, prayer, almsgiving and fasting. During Lent we need to reflect ore than we have before. This is because we have to say sorry for our sins because we are remembering how Jesus struggled and was tempered in the Desert (Matthew 4:11). At the start of lent we will make a promise to give up something that we love because when Jesus was in the Desert he had nothing. Also we need to reflect on our choices and actions when we think about Jesus. All around the world people suffer from homelessness or live in poverty so this is why we should reflect on the times we have took this to granted.When you get baptised, you are entering the life of the Church and when we have lent we go to reconciliation to become pure again and that is like getting Baptised. Baptism is the sacrament  of new life and the sacrament of discipleship.  The passion. The Death. The resurrection. This is all to do with Holy week the passion links to the last super (Matthew 26-26:30) The Death is when Jesus died on the cross (Matthew 27-45:56) and resurrection is when Jesus rose again (Matthew 28-1:10).

By Sophie Youngs

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