My spiritual journey through lent

My spiritual journey through Lent

During lent we often give something we enjoy or like up so we can be strengthened to resist to other temptations in the future, we turn over a new leaf and do other things, such as: prayer, fasting and almsgiving to build resistance. I gave up cakes and it wasn’t easy but prayer helped me through. Jesus died and resurrected and our sins and selfishness die, we rise to Jesus and the light.


Lent is a time for prayer and we remember those who aren’t as lucky as us, and during lent we remember Jesus’ struggle in the desert Matthew 4:11 and relate it to those struggling like homeless. Also when we are thinking about giving in to our Lenten promise we resist because we then remember Jesus resisting to the devil. I did a sponsored silence and I needed to pray to God to help me as I was tempted to speak.


When we are fasting we are giving up food like Jesus in the desert, I gave up cakes.  Prayer and fasting are the strongest spiritual combination because when you fast you need to pray for strength to carry you through.


As a class we raised money for charity by being silent for an afternoon. We raised over £250 for CAFOD and we all have a collection tin for our small change to make a big change. If we have a few pennies we can give them to charity and not stand back and not donate. Like it says in the Widow’s mite Luke 21:1-4  when the rich put in their spare change but the Widow gave all her money.   

By Matthew 

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