My Spiritual Journey Of Lent

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Many people all over the world give up luxuries that they don’t need, like chocolate, sweets or biscuits. This is an act of self-discipline, because you are keeping your promise to God. We should have self-discipline so that we can say no to temptation, like Jesus in the desert (Luke 4:1). This year, I decided to give up fruit juice, and drink water instead. This has taught me that, with self-discipline, you are supported and you can act like Jesus. Everything we do should be following Jesus, so this is a brilliant way to do what he wants us to.

It isn’t just food that you should give up for Lent; year 5 and 6 decided to do a sponsored silence. We gave up talking for an afternoon to raise money for CAFOD. CAFOD is a charity that helps those in need. We donated the money that we were sponsored to CAFOD so we can help others less fortunate than us. The reason we do almsgiving during Lent is because we are dying to greed and selfishness and giving things to others who need it more.


When we are baptised, the priest takes away our sins and cleans us. Baptism is the way out of the kingdom of death and into life, the gateway to the church. When we die to sin and selfishness during Lent, we have a new, pure life with God and Jesus, just like we did at our Baptism.

Jesus’s death on the cross

When Jesus died on Good Friday, he was put in a tomb. However, on the Sunday, he rose again, to teach us about new life. On Easter Sunday, we are given new life, which takes away our sins. Then, we can start again and forget all the wrongs we have done. We die in order to get a new life. If we have died with Christ, we will rise with him (Romans). 

By Holly, aged 11

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