My Faith Filled Journey Through Lent


Lent is an important, prayerful time. A time for giving and fasting. A time of new life and a new beginning. In a way , Lent is a time to start over and when we go to reconciliation, we can be free of our sins. Lent can make you more aware of your surroundings, making you more awake to the many people suffering from: homelessness, it can make you understand the importance of giving; people living in poverty, I now realise the importance of sharing; and health, many people suffer from an illness but can’t afford to help it. After attempting to try and give something up for Lent, I can see how hard it is to go without the thing you love and need. If it’s hard for me to give up chocolate, and then I think about people who don’t have anything, It must be much harder for them. Sometimes we take things for granted and when we do we forget that we are as lucky as we are. So next time I go to buy a treat , I can use the money on what I was going to spend on myself, and give it to charity instead or spend it on buying something for someone homeless on the streets.

But, we need to remember that Lent isn’t always about giving Lent is also a time of death and new life. That’s not to say that you should die at Lent, but it’s like the saying “turning over a new leaf” We say sorry and we try to be better. When we had our baptism we were starting a new life after being welcomed to the church and to Gods family. Baptism is also the “key understanding to Lent” since we become apart of Jesus and begin a new life. In John 4:5-42, it talks to us about baptism is the sacrament of serving others, becoming a disciple, a follower of Jesus. Also, in John 12:24-25 he also talks about how if a grain falls to the ground and dies , it will produce new life and new fruit, but if it does not die, it will only remain a piece of grain. Sometimes we have to die, to live (as it sometimes says in the scripture) This Lent has affected me more in my faith as I have more of an understanding; I now won’t ignore someone in need of help, but instead try to help. I have managed to take in part with fundraising too after raising £20.00 for CAFOD in a sponsored silence at my school for a day. I have also taken part in building a school in Ghana for children who aren’t as fortunate as us and don’t get a proper education.

Overall, Lent has done loads to help in my faith and understanding.


                                       By Amelia                            

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