My faith-filled journey throughout Lent

My journey through Lent has been filled with: prayer, almsgiving and fasting. As well as my school, I have learnt why we should do these three things and what difference it makes to our world. Every class decided to do raise money, in order to help those who are less fortunate, by doing something, which was sponsored or was a stall.

To start off with, almsgiving isn’t just about donating money to charity or raising money. You could give up your time to go and talk to someone, who is homeless or are living in poverty. This will make them feel like they always have someone by their side (as well as Jesus) to care for them, throughout their tough times. There is a very inspirational scripture (Luke 21:1-4) which is when rich people gave lots of money to the temple treasury and then one poor woman came but she only had a few coins. She still gave all of it, even though she had nothing left; she was thinking of others before herself.

When we have our baptism, we get given Holy Water on our foreheads, which is in the shape of a cross, to show that we are free from sin and are pure. When it is Ash Wednesday, we get given the ashes on our foreheads, which is in the shape of a cross too.

Throughout Lent, we should pray for our sins. Also, we should pray for Jesus. Jesus sacrificed his life for us and when this happened, we were saved from sin and they were washed away. This links to reconciliation because once we have confessed and completed our penance, our sins would’ve gone.

Another thing, which we could do in Lent, is fasting. This is when we give something up for Lent and try not to tempt ourselves to break it. The poor fast everyday because they give nearly everything up, which they have or need because they cant afford it. We need to realise how lucky we are to have what we need and want. In the desert, Jesus was tempted by the devil because he had made a promise to not to have food or water. The scripture reference is Matthew 4. The main focus in Lent is when Jesus was tempted by the devil. We try to give something up because he did and we would follow in his footsteps.

By Imogen, age 11.


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