My faith-filled journey through Lent


During Lent, we should pray because combined with fasting, prayer is a key role in Lent and in Gethsemane Matthew 26, Jesus prayed before he was taken by the chief priests. Jesus was asking God to take his cup of suffering away from him. We pray in Lent and say sorry for our sins preparing for the death of our selfishness and sin. We say sorry and reconcile so that when Jesus dies we will be forgiven and saved from sin.


We fast during Lent remembering when Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the devil. Jesus didn’t have any food for fourty days and fourty nights so we reflect and give something up like fizzy drinks or chocolate. At the start of Lent, ashes are put on our forehead in the shape of the cross. This links to baptism because at baptism the priests puts the holy water on our forehead in the shape of a cross. In Lent, we take time to think about other things like the huger of Christ not the hunger to have our favourite food


In our classes, we did different Lent fundraisers and in our class, we did a sponsored silence. At the moment, our class has raised over 240 pounds and the money is going to CAFOD. We give what we can during Lent like in Luke 21, the Widow’s Offering, when an a widow had nothing but two copper pennies and she gave everything she had but when the rich people came, they gave a lot of money but not all of it. They weren’t as generous as the widow.

By Tom aged 10

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