“My daughter, your faith has made you well.”

With the Word of the Week being faith, Our Lady and Saint Edward’s prepared a liturgy and presented awards to the children who had been showing their faith throughout the week.

First things first, when preparing a liturgy, we always need to pick our scripture first. And the chaplaincy team had so many ideas and thoughts about the scripture, we had to take a vote because their knowledge of the Bible was so fantastic!

The votes are in and have been counted, any votes now won’t be counted but you may still be charged. The scripture chosen for today’s liturgy is … Jesus healing the bleeding woman!

They chose this scripture because it shows an example of faith which we all need in our lives. An ability to trust in God even when we are in a time of need or struggle. The woman’s faith shone through and she was acknowledged through this faith by her instant healing.

The children who got the awards this week also showed their faith through friendship, hard work, good ideas, polite manners, but most importantly, for trying to live in the light of Christ. Well done to all those children who were rewarded this week – great job!

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