Hello everyone! There are lots of different prayers and resources that you can explore and participate in each week in your homes on the Be Inspirational site and our YouTube Channel ‘Be Inspirational’. You can do these activities on your own or you can get your family involved too!

There are enough activities to do a different activity each day of the week- one day you might feel like exploring some scripture, one day you might feel like watching a video and on another day you might feel like learning a song! There are so many ways in which we can pray and explore our faith.

We hope you enjoy exploring the resources and have a great week!

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 This week’s word of the week is “Missionary Discipleship!”

We are in the third week of Eastertide, we continue to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, knowing that we all have new life with Christ.

Life wasn’t easy for the disciples, even after the resurrection. They faced challenges every day because they were given the Mission to ‘Go out in the world and spread the Good News’.

As Christians, we have the mission of sharing our faith and beliefs with others. Our words, actions and deeds should help inspire others to encounter Jesus and to be His disciple. Think about how you can complete this mission this week.

How can we share the joy of the resurrection with others so they will be inspired to learn more about Jesus too?




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If you would like to reflect and explore some of the Scripture that links this week’s theme ‘Missionary Discipleship’ click on the links below!

John 8:31-32

1 John 2:3-6

John 12:26

Matthew 28:18-20

Matthew 28:19-20


You can explore this scripture in your own Bibles if you have one at home or you can use the below links to search the scripture!


Open Bible Bible Gateway

As always we take time to listen to Sunday’s Gospel. Our Gospel is being read to us today by one of our Chaplains- Joe.

Get comfortable, relax and let the Word of God sink into your hearts.


Become a Missionary Disciple…

This term, every school across the Nottingham Diocese will be exploring the theme ‘Missionary Discipleship’!

How can we play an active role in the wider community and be the face of Christ for others?

Take a Challenge!

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

(Matthew 28:19)

1. Read a Bible story every weekend or ask a grown up to read one to you.

2. Tell your favourite Bible story to a friend or family member.

3. Ask a friend to share with you a Bible or religious story that is special to them.

4. Make a poster about Jesus and put it on your bedroom window so people can see it.

5. Learn the names of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples. Who is your favourite disciple and why?

6. Say a prayer for someone who is struggling, ill, or felling sad.

7. Find a new charity to help.

8. Ask for help to live stream a Mass. There are links to different Mass times and parishes on our home page!

9. Look for an opportunity every day to do an act of kindness for someone.

10. Be joyful – Jesus loves you!

One of our Chaplains – Joe is going to lead us through a type of prayer called meditation. This may be your first time doing meditation or you may have done it before.

Before you start the video, try and find a space in your house or garden in the quiet where you can relax. You may find it comfortable to sit down or you may want to lie down.

Listen to the words Joe is saying and spend some time in the quiet being still and knowing that God is with you.


This weeks music resource comes from a band called Rend Collective, they are an Irish worship band who travel the world spreading the Good News that Jesus loves us!

Listen carefully to song and join in with the lyrics on the screen if you are able to!

Can you think of actions for the song that you could teach or show your family?

How are you being a disciple of Jesus whilst staying at home? Are you helping out at home, reading or listening to scripture from the Bible, are you looking after family members, are you checking on your friends and family who you don’t live with via phone or email?

We also have a ‘Take a Challenge’ tab this week, so check it out and choose a challenge to complete today!

We would love to hear what what challenges you choose and what you are doing to be a Missionary Disciple, so let know in the comments below!


In Matthew’s Gospel we hear that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary visited the tomb that Jesus was laid in after his death. At the tomb an angel appeared to them and told Mary and Mary that Jesus was no longer here, he has risen from the dead! Mary and Mary were filled with joy and ran to tell the disciples the good news.

Later in Matthew’s Gospel, we hear about when Jesus appears to the disciples on a hill after his death and resurrection.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew

Glory to you O Lord

16 The eleven disciples went to the hill in Galilee where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him, even though some of them doubted. 18 Jesus drew near and said to them, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. 19 Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, 20 and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.”

The Gospel of the Lord

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ

Look at the picture above. What do you think the disciples would have been feeling at this time?

Think about all the different emotions you can see by looking at the photo.

Do you think some of them look surprised? Shocked? Thankful? Prayerful? In awe of Jesus?

We invite you to create a poster with the scripture ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations’ Matthew 28:19. Around the scripture you can draw and decorate the poster how you like! Maybe you could draw the qualities that make a good disciple. Maybe you could draw the world, because the scripture tells us to be disciples everywhere we go.

What do you think the scripture means?

How can you spread the Good News to people near and far, across the nations?

Once you have finished your poster put it somewhere to show it off, this could be in your window, on your fridge or in your bedroom somewhere people will see it everyday!

With the help of an adult you could also take a photo and send it in to us- we would love to see your creations!


For this week’s Scripture resource we are exploring the Bible story of when Jesus calls Peter. Watch the video below and listen carefully to Jesus’ and Simon Peter’s conversation.

What does Jesus reply to Simon Peter when Peter says that he is not worthy and is a sinful man?

Let us know in the comments below!

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew

Glory to you O Lord

As Jesus walked along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw two brothers who were fishermen, Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew, catching fish in the lake with a net. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”  At once they left their nets and went with him. He went on and saw two other brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee. They were in their boat with their father Zebedee, getting their nets ready. Jesus called them, and at once they left the boat and their father, and went with him.

The Gospel of the Lord

Praise you Lord Jesus Christ.

How is fishing like sharing Jesus with others?

Why does Jesus want us to be fishers of men?

Why are we Christians and how can we share this with others?

What are some ways we can share Jesus’ love with other people?

God wants us to love others and introduce them to Jesus.


Dear God,

Thank for you the people who taught us about Jesus. Use us to share His love with others.

In Jesus’ name,



Every week Issie (Lay chaplain at Trinity and Catherine McAuley Hub) is going to teach us a new song!

Once you have learnt the song show it to your friends and family, become a missionary disciple by spreading the song and God’s message!


Be Inspirational