Love has not been cancelled!

Love has not been cancelled!

There are so many passages that we read throughout the Gospels about Jesus’s life.

  • Moments of victory
  • Moments of disappointment

Some of the most touching moments we read are when Jesus displays his humanity. But it can be so easy sometimes to rarely reflect upon all that Jesus endured and all that he suffered in his life. We do think about the crucifixion but that is often overshadowed by our knowledge that he rose. It can be easy to miss the suffering he experienced throughout his life and its easy to miss the reason. We witness one of these moments on the last night of Jesus life.


“Could you not stay awake with me one hour”.

Matthew 26:40


This is love!

Jesus didn’t want to be alone. He wanted company. Recent events have shown that one event can totally occupy our minds and become the centre of gravity which then leads us to lose sight of God. Lent is about being quiet in our hearts and continuing to grow in faith with Jesus. Its about love for us all. God loving us so much that he was willing to endure every form of hardship and human suffering that enters our lives. God being able to look us square in the face and say “I do understand what you are going through… I really do”.

This is love. It’s a love so deep that he was willing to experience our pain, so he would be able to meet us console us and lift us into a new life. Again, this is love!


Don’t lose sight of God

Have you ever sat with Jesus for an hour?

Lent is about needing to be in silence and solitude, so we can sit with God and work out who we are, what we are here for, what matters most, what matters least, so we can continue to make great decisions in our lives.



God is the centre of which we gravitate!

What can you continue to do during Lent that will help you to keep living in God’s power?

“Every hand we don’t shake must become a phone call we make”.

“Every meter or distance we put between ourselves and another must become thoughts about how we can help each other”.


“Could you not stay awake with me one hour?”

God doesn’t want you living in your fears. He wants you to live in his power now.

Choose an hour in the next few days to spend with Jesus. Start of by saying the following quote out loud.

I am the son/daughter of a great king. He is my father and my God. The world may praise me or criticize me. It matters not. He is with me, always at my side, guiding and protecting me. I do not fear because I am his.”

Remember you can learn more in an hour of silence than you can in a year from books.




We ask you to continue to protect our loved ones, friends and neighbours. May our support be gentle to those in need and strong to those in weakness. Help us to see the time of lent as an opportunity to continue to develop our discipleship and discipline so we can become more closer to you.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer

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