This year at Saint Margaret Clitherow, I and a group of people in my year, helped prepare an Act of Worship for Year 5 on being positive and taking away all negative thoughts for this year and next year and for the future in their new schools. We chose this theme because on the week we had to prepare this we noticed that there was a few people across all years that looked a bit unhappy, that they looked like they had let the negative thoughts be more than the happy thoughts, we took this as a chance to remind people to be happy and smile more. We each prepared our own bits for this Act of Worship; the gather, the word, the response and the mission. We could see a lot more happy faces at the end, helped by playing the song True Colours from the movie ‘Trolls’, as in the film, when they hear this song, everybody becomes really happy!


Abigail Brogan – Year 5

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