Today you will be doing something amazing. You’l be saving lives and making small sacrifices to help make real people’s lives better. As always we’ll be donating to our school Charities – CAFOD and Emmanuel House. To help put into context what you’re doing today – have a look at these and spend a bit of time discussing what they mean to you or make you think!


The video below is from Bea Findlay who works for CAFOD and who recently hosted 10000 people at the SSE arena. She is also of course a former student and member of our school Chaplaincy Team so it’s great to see such an amazing example of someone from our school putting their faith into action!

Emmanuel House:

This video below shows how important it is for this amazing place to stay open and help those most in need in our community. Emmanuel House was of course founded by a former Becket Headteacher so again we’ve got a real link to be proud of. Emmanuel House is always dependant on funding which is getting harder and harder to find and why our actions this afternoon are so important!

And let’s not forget our Trust Charity – Building Hope in Bunkpurugu. This year we are also building a school in a community that desperately needs and and we are reminding ourselves that we are part of a global family and a global church. You can keep up to date with how we’re doing and donate online by clicking on our new “building hope” page on the top menu bar or by clicking here now – which you should do to check out just what incredible things our money has done so far!

You can do incredible things today just by having fun so have a great afternoon and be a great person by helping those in need!

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