Summer HolidaysWe’ve nearly made it to the end of our school year!

There are so many things that we have done and have achieved throughout the year that we should celebrate and be proud of.

In these last few days of term we are going to look ahead to what the Summer Holidays may have in store for us.

Whether we are off travelling on our holidays or staying at home and enjoying new activities and time with family we must remember the things that we have learnt this year: to think of others, to be brave and to trust in God.

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Today we are going to listen to a classic song all about the summer holidays!

It talks about all sorts of different plans that you might have for your school holidays over the next few weeks.

Listen to the song and think about the plans that you have for these summer holidays.

We all have different plans during the summer. We might be going away from Nottingham on a holiday, we might be visiting family and friends, we might be about to do an exciting new activity or maybe enjoying chilling out and putting our feet up!

Discuss some of the plans that people have for their summer holidays in your Class.

It is important to remember that even though we might be looking forward to having a few weeks without going to school there are some people who will feel differently.

They might miss seeing their friends everyday, they might miss the tasty school dinners, they might miss the exciting activities and the new things that they can learn.

Throughout the summer holidays try to remember to pray for those people who might not be having as much fun and laughter as you are.

Let’s join together to say this prayer:

Lord please take care of those people who are not looking forward to the summer holidays.

Please help people who are lonely, or hungry or lost to find the things that they need and to stay safe.


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Watch this video carefully.

Pay attention to the words in the song and how Aladdin and Jasmine react and feel during the clip.

So here we see Aladdin invite Jasmine to go on an adventure on the magic carpet.

How does Jasmine react at first?

Do you think you would say yes if someone invited you to go on a magic carpet ride?

Does Jasmine enjoy the new experience of the magic carpet?

At first Jasmine isn’t too sure about trusting Aladdin and going on a magic carpet ride. Once they set off though she begins to realise how amazing it truly is. She sees lots of new things which she has never seen before and her and Aladdin become closer because they have shared a new experience together and have built up trust.

Throughout the summer holidays we will be faced with lots of new experiences and new opportunities (probably not a magic carpet ride though!). We will all have the choice of whether to say yes and embrace this new thing or to be scared and not so sure.

Just like Jasmine, if we can be brave and try new things then we will have some fantastic new experiences. If we say yes to going to a summer camp where we don’t know anyone yet we could make some new friends; if we say yes to trying out a new sport then we might find something that we are really good at; if we say yes to helping our friends and family then we may come closer and build a stronger relationship.

Think about the opportunities that you will have this summer.

Is there something new and different that you will be asked to do?

Is there something new that you would like to do?

How will you react if you are given a new opportunity?

Saint Irenaeus said that “The glory of God is man fully alive”. When we say yes to new experiences and take the opportunities that life has to offer we are saying thank you to God and are making the most of the life and the wonderful world that He has given to us.

Thank you Lord for the life that you have given us and the opportunities that we have to make ourselves good people.

Please help us to be brave and to take the opportunities that we have and to make the most of them so that we can be fully alive.


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This week’s Scripture tells the story of when Jesus sent his 12 disciples away to visit other places so that they could teach people about God and heal people who were sick.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke.

Jesus called the twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases. Then he sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick, after saying to them, “Take nothing with you for the trip: no walking stick, no beggar’s bag, no food, no money, not even an extra shirt. Wherever you are welcomed, stay in the same house until you leave that town; wherever people don’t welcome you, leave that town and shake the dust off your feet as a warning to them.”

The disciples left and travelled through all the villages, preaching the Good News and healing people everywhere.

The Gospel of the Lord.

worried-childSome of us will already be thinking about the clothes and toys we will be packing or using throughout these summer holidays. Some of us might also be thinking about those things that worry us about the things we are doing over the summer.

Will we remember everything we need? Will we be brave enough to do the activities we have planned? Will we get along with the new people we meet?

When Jesus sent his 12 disciples out to spread the Word of God He told them not to take anything with them. Instead He wanted them to trust in God.

If we are worried about something then it helps to talk to other people about it. We could talk to our friends, our families, our teachers or we can talk to God and pray that He will help us with the things that we are worried about.

We are going to take some time to think and to offer our worries over to God.

Think about the things that you are worried about during the summer holidays.

Write these things down on a small piece of paper.

Fold this piece of paper up.

Take your piece of paper and place it in a basket on your prayer focus table in your Classroom. As you do this you are handing your worries over to God so that you are not alone and you have God to help you.

This action shows that we are leaving our worries behind during the summer holidays. We can trust in God that whatever we are worried about we will not be alone and God will be there to help us.

Let us say this prayer together:

Lord thank you for always being there to watch over us and to comfort us when we are worried.

Help me to be brave and to succeed in everything that I do this summer, even if sometimes it seems scary.



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