love-god-love-peopleThis week we are thinking about the people in God’s family.

We will be thinking about how being part of a family makes us feel and how we have to behave towards others in the family of God.

We will be using the examples and words of some of the people in the Bible to learn more about how to do the right think in God’s family.

We will also take some time to think about what we like about the people that are around us and appreciating all the gifts and talents that they bring to our school family.

Throughout this week think about the people that are important to you. Try to think of others before you think about yourself and remember that even the smallest of actions can make a big difference!

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The song for this week tells us about a very important family in the Bible. This was the family of Jacob and his 12 sons.

Listen to the song carefully to hear what family life was like for them.

What does the song tell us about Jacob’s family?

How was everyone treated?

Were there any favourites?

How would you feel if you were one of Jacob’s sons?

No one likes to feel left out or to feel like they are not special. In the song Joseph’s brothers felt jealous because they did not feel as important and loved as him.

We are all part of God’s family and we are all His sons and daughters. We are lucky because God loves each and every one of us equally and will never leave any of us out.

If there are ever times when we feel lonely and not as special as other people then we need to remember that we are still special to God and we can turn to Him for love and for help.

Thank you God for loving us and for making each of us special individuals.

Help us to never leave anyone out and not to be jealous when we are treated differently.


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Look at this picture.

What do you think it tells us about people?

Share your ideas with your Class.


People can be very different but we all share one thing in common and that is that we are part of God’s family. This means that even if we look different, think differently or speak differently we should still show love and care to each other.

In the photograph we can see love and care being shown to the baby because it can’t look after itself. We can see people working together to do the right thing.

Think about the people in God’s family. They could be in the same room as you or on the other side of the world!

Think about how you could show love to other people who are part of God’s family.

One way that we can show love to others, even if we have never met them before, is to pray for them.

Take some time now to pray for those in the world who need love and care.

Remember that we can always show love by praying for others, no matter where we are.

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Although we are all part of God’s family we are all different people with different gifts, skills, talents and qualities.

Ruth (Ruth 1) showed that she was very loyal because she stayed with Naomi even though everyone else left her.

Joseph (Genesis 45: 14-15) was forgiving because he helped his brothers even though they had sold him as a slave.

Abraham (Genesis 22: 1-19) was very trusting and faithful because he was willing to sacrifice his own son to follow God’s commands.

Today we are going to look at the people around us in our Class and think about what they bring to our school family.

Each person will need a piece of paper with their name on it.

Everyone has the job of writing down what they like and admire about the other people in their Class. (You will need to use lots of adjectives!)

You could stick your piece of paper on your back and then let other people write on the paper or everyone could leave their pieces of paper in their normal seats and you can all move around the classroom to write on each other’s pieces of paper.

You must write something good and positive about other people in your Class.

You will need at least 5 minutes to do this.

Here is an example of the sort of things you could write


When you have all finished have a look at the piece of paper about you.

What do you think about what people have written about you?

It is important to celebrate the good things about each other. Sometimes we don’t know how good we are at something and it gives us more confidence to know that we are funny or brave or a good singer.

We all have a job to do in our class, our school and in our wider communities and it is important to remember that we share some of the great qualities as people in the Bible who we look up to and try to follow.

Please help us Lord to see the good in other people.

Help each of us to be the best that we can be and use our different qualities to do your work.


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Watch this video carefully.

See if you can count how many good things happen in this video.

In this video we see lots of acts of love being shown to people. None of these people know each other and some of them are having a really bad day so why do they do good things?

Discuss your ideas with your Class.

At the start of the video one man chooses to do something good for a stranger. This continues along the street and involves lots of different people. This teaches us that we learn from the actions of others.

Just one person can influence other people and if our actions are good then we can make a huge difference.

We learn from people in the Bible and try to follow their example. There are also people all around us who watch us and try to follow the good things we do.

Think about how you behave.

Do you set a good example to others?

Do you think people follow you and your actions?

We can teach others a lot by the way we live our lives.

Try to do good and set an example of love to other people who see your actions.

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The scripture for this week gives us some very clear instructions on how to treat the people around us.

Get one person to read the scripture out for everyone else.

The rest of you might like to close your eyes so that you can focus on the words.

A reading from the book of Proverbs.

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Never tell your neighbours to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now. Don’t plan anything that will hurt your neighbours; they live beside you, trusting you. Don’t argue with others for no reason when they have never done you any harm. Don’t be jealous of violent people or decide to act as they do

The Word of the Lord

(Proverbs 3: 27-31)

Can you think of any ways that we can do good to others in our own lives?

Share your suggestions with the rest of the Class.

The instructions in this piece of scripture are not always easy to follow. It asks us to think about others before we think about ourselves.

This is like Jesus because no matter if He was tired or very busy He still made time for all of the people who wanted to meet with Him.

Choose a small simple action that you can do today which will do good to others.

Make it your mission today to do good to at least one other person, and if you can try to do good to as many people as possible!

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