The Theme this week is CARE!

At a time like this, when we can’t be with all the people we love, it is important to let them know how much we care about them in different ways.

Jesus cared for everyone and it is really important we try to be like him in our actions and words.

Have a listen to this worship song and the special words in it. As you listen to it, think about all the people who love and care for you.

This song reminds us that when we are kind and caring to each other, it helps us to feel happy and good.

This is a great video to remind us how important it is to show we care. We might bot be able to hug or high five everyone but we definitely can with the people we live with! To anyone else you care for – why not give them a call or a wave!

Watch this bible passage all about care and think about how you can show love to others. If you do this you are also showing care to God. 

We can shoe so much love and care with our hands. When we pray we put our hands together.

Follow this hand prayer from Pope Francis and spend some time showing care for others through prayer.

StAndFoundation on Twitter: "On Holy Saturday we would gather in church for morning prayer placing ourselves at Jesus' tomb. Today reflect on Jesus' wounds on his feet and hands. Look at your


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