KS1 Transformation

Transformation is a big word and it explains how we can change from one thing into something which is hopefully a bit better. Our Music Resource gives us a great example of how we can transform ourselves into a confident person just by letting go of our worries that hold us back.

The Picture Resource makes us think about how we can transform things so that they become more useful. By changing energy into electricity we can make a big difference but we can do this in our own lives too.

Our Action tests our acting skills as we transform ourselves into different characters and finally our Scripture Resource helps us to think about how we can transform our lives so that we use them to do good things which serve God.

Think about the changes that you can make in your life so that you become a better person who is more like Jesus.

Scripture Bank

If you would like to reflect on some more of the scriptures related to this topic then you can use some of the scripture references below.

Most of these are taken from Open Bible – you can use their Topical Bible Search facility to find lots more ideas! Just remember to change the Bible translation to ‘Good News Translation’ when you click on the link!

If you have found any pieces of scripture that you think link to our theme this week then please add them in the comments box below to share the Good News so that we can all enjoy them!

Romans 12:2

2 Corinthians 5:17

2 Corinthians 3:18

Galatians 2:20

Romans 5:1-21

Psalm 51:10-12

1 John 1:9

1 John 3:2-3

Philippians 1:6

Matthew 5:16

Click here for the Music Resource

This week’s song is one that many of you will know very well from the Disney film Frozen!

In this song we hear that by changing our thoughts we can transform ourselves into the person that we want to be.

Listen carefully to the words and think about the transformation that takes place.

How did Elsa feel at the start of the song? What were some of the problems she had?

How did Elsa change her attitude? What worries did she let go of?

How did Elsa transform and change as a person? How did Elsa feel about herself at the end of the song?

Transformation sounds like a very big thing where we have to put in lots of hard work to change the person that we are but actually it may be as simple as letting go of fears and worries.

Worries can hold us back and sometimes the best way to move forward is simply to let them go. We should try to concentrate on being a more confident person instead of worrying about what other people think of us.

Is there anything that you worry about?

What could you do to help you with those worries? Remember, whenever you have a worry you can always talk about it with a member of staff, or another adult that you trust. 

What holds you back from being a confident person?

How could you become more confident and let go of any worries or fears that you have?

Please help us Jesus to let go of the things that hold us back and make us worry.

Help us to change and transform ourselves into people who are confident and proud of the way that we live our lives by following the Gospel.


Click here for the Picture Resource

One transformation that we use every day is energy!

There are lots of different types of energy which we transform into electricity so that we can turn the lights on, charge our phones and watch our televisions.

Look at the pictures below and try to work out what the different types of energy are and where the energy comes from.


If clever scientists didn’t transform the sun and wind and waves into energy then we wouldn’t be able to use that energy for electricity.

We all have the potential to use our energy to do the good things that Jesus has asked us to do but we have to use the gifts that we have been given.

For example, we have ears but we can make them so much more! We can use our ears to hear the Word of God. We can use our ears to listen to those in need. We can use our ears to listen for God’s call.

Click on the images below and think about how you can transform them and use them for Jesus’ work.

Click here for the Action

This week’s Action is all about transforming yourself and it will test your acting skills!

When you read the category below you have to transform yourself into that category/ character.

Your staff or some Class judges will then need to see if they can work out who or what you have transformed yourself into!

Be as creative as you can and try to show others what you have transformed into!

Click below for your first transformation! 

Transformation 1

Become your favourite animal!

You could be a roaring lion, a slithering snake or a bird flapping its wings. 

Transformation 2

Become your favourite superhero!

Will you be spiderman swinging through the city or catwoman climbing up the walls of buildings – which superhero will you transform into?! 

Transformation 3

Transform yourself into your favourite celebrity.

Can you sing like Taylor Swift or do football skills like David Beckham?  

Transformation 4

Transform yourself into your favourite character from a book or film.

There are so many to choose from! You could be Elsa from Frozen, the Genie from Aladdin or Woody from Toy Story.

We all have lots of different challenges everyday and sometimes we have to transform into the right person for the job.

If someone is in trouble we might need to transform into a superhero who helps others, if we need to cheer someone up then pretending we are a funny animal or an entertaining character can be the best thing.

Help us Jesus to use all of our skills and talents to do our best in every situation.


Click here for the Scripture Resource

In this week’s Scripture Saint Paul tells us that we should give our lives to God and that we should let God change us and transform us so that we can do His great work.
child praying

A reading from the letter of Saint Paul to the Romans

So then, my friends, because of God’s great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer. Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God—what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.

The Word of the Lord.

(Thanks be to God.)

(Romans 12: 1-2)

How can we please God?

How do we serve God?

How could you change your mind to become more like Jesus?

Letting God transform us isn’t easy with all the distractions in our lives so take some time today to listen to God and to ask for help and guidance so that you can please God by your words and actions.

Find a comfortable space and close your eyes.

Listen to the music and ask God for help in the good things that you do. Make this your prayer today.

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