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During Lent we try to find ways that we can give to others who are in need and this week’s resources will help us to think about the different ways that we can do this.

The Music Resource helps us to realise that by giving to others we can increase what we have, especially when what we give is love!

In our Picture Resource we will see that God sees giving in a different way to us. As long as we do our best and give what we have God will be pleased, even if what we give isn’t very much.

We will take Action on our mission of giving during Lent by giving kind words to each other so that we can put a smile on the faces of all of our classmates.

It is not always easy to give what we have and both the Video Resource and the Scripture Resource will help us to understand that we should give cheerfully because God will always make sure that we have enough of what we need.

Try to be generous this week and give to those who are in need.

Scripture Bank

If you would like to reflect on some more of the scriptures related to this topic then you can use some of the scripture references below.

Most of these are taken from Open Bible – you can use their Topical Bible Search facility to find lots more ideas! Just remember to change the Bible translation to ‘Good News Translation’ when you click on the link!

If you have found any pieces of scripture that you think link to our theme this week then please add them in the comments box below to share the Good News so that we can all enjoy them!

Proverbs 3:27

Matthew 6:24

Proverbs 11:24

1 Peter 4:10

2 Corinthians 8:9

Acts 20:35

Mark 12:41-44

2 Corinthians 9:7

Luke 6:38

Luke 12:33-34

1 Timothy 6:17-19

Matthew 6:1-4

Proverbs 19:17

Matthew 19:21

1 Chronicles 29:3

Hebrews 13:16

Exodus 35:29

Romans 8:32

Matthew 5:42

2 Corinthians 9:11

Deuteronomy 16:17

Deuteronomy 15:10

Click here for the Music Resource

One thing that we can give to others around us is love.

Join in with this song which teaches us how important it is to give love to others.

Why do you think it is important to give love to others?

How could you give love to others?

How would you like others to show love to you?

What did Jesus say about giving love to others?

Help us to be generous and kind by giving love to others.


Click here for the Picture Resource

Who do you think is giving their all in this picture?

In Mark’s Gospel it tells us what Jesus said about the people in the picture:

As Jesus sat near the Temple treasury, he watched the people as they dropped in their money. Many rich men dropped in a lot of money; then a poor widow came along and dropped in two little copper coins, worth about a penny. He called his disciples together and said to them, “I tell you that this poor widow put more in the offering box than all the others. For the others put in what they had to spare of their riches; but she, poor as she is, put in all she had—she gave all she had to live on.”

(Mark 12: 41-44)

Jesus explained that even though the poor woman only gave 2 coins, compared to the the rich people who gave lots of coins, she gave more than them because she was giving all that she had. The rich people just gave what they had to spare so they could have given a lot more than they did.

Remember that God doesn’t always see things in the way that we would expect.

As long as we do our best and try to do as much as we can for those who are in need then we are doing the right thing in God’s eyes.

During the day think about ways that you can give your help and love to others.

Click here for the Action

This week’s Action is all about giving something to the other people in your Class!

You will need a ball or something else suitable to pass/ throw around the classroom.

To begin, pass the ball around everyone in your classroom and practice throwing the ball safely.

Pass the ball around again but this time, if you are holding the ball, you should give everyone else an interesting fact about yourself. It could be your favourite TV show, a famous person you have met or seen or, an exciting event in your life.

Pass the ball around again but this time, when someone has the ball it is the job of the rest of the class to give them a compliment and to say something that they like about them. You could say something nice about their behaviour, their work, their teamwork or their friendship skills.

Anyone can say something nice, it is all about giving that person something to put a smile upon their face!

Usually if we think about giving we focus on money or gifts but actually the words of encouragement that we can give to each other can make a huge difference too.

Next time you speak to someone think about the words that you are using and what message you are giving them.

Help us Lord to choose our words wisely and to give others confidence and encouragement when we speak.

Help us to give the message of your love in everything that we say and do.


Click here for the Video Resource

Although we know how important it is to give to others it doesn’t mean that it is always easy.

Watch this video clip from the Disney film Aladdin to see how Aladdin and his monkey, Abu, react when they see others who are in need.

How did Aladdin react to the children in need?

How did Abu react to the hungry children?

Did they find it easy to give their food away?

How do you feel when you give to others?

How do you think those in need feel when you help them?

Even though it is difficult to give up the nice things we have we should always try to put the needs of others first.

Think about how Jesus treated those in need and try to make time for those who need you.

Please help us Jesus to be generous and to give to those who are in need.


Click here for the Scripture Resource

This week’s scripture helps us to think about how we give to others.

Saint Paul is writing, in his second letter to the Corinthians, to encourage the people of Corinth to donate money to those who are poor in other countries. The letter reminds us to love God and to care for one another.

A reading from the second letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians.

You should each give, then, as you have decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly. And God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. As the scripture says,

“He gives generously to the needy;
    his kindness lasts forever.”

The Word of the Lord.

(Thanks be to God.)

2 Corinthians 9: 7-9

As Saint Paul says, we should give to others gladly. We shouldn’t feel jealous or disappointed that someone else is receiving something nice.

We can only give what we have.

That does not always mean money or riches but instead it can mean gifts that we have been given by God which, when shared with others, can make a big difference.

Just think about a time when someone has given you a smile when you felt sad or gave you some help when you found something difficult.

Think about what you can give to others this week. Time? Friendship? Help? Appreciation? Love?

Make it your mission to try to give something to the people you meet throughout the week, even if it is just a smile and a hello! Remember, when you give to others you are showing love to them and to God!


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