This week’s theme is Fasting!

We often give up things for Lent but fasting is not just about going without chocolate. It’s about going without something you don’t need in order to focus on the things you do. You might fast from watching TV or going on your phone and spend more time with your family and friends. This this week about a change in your life you can make for the better and use this Lent to help you grow in faith.

Here are some songs for you to enjoy.  The first is about how Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights.  The second is all about how when we fast we are offering up a gift to God because we are putting him first. The third is about self control.  Its not easy to fast and we have to control our behaviour and stick with our Lenten promises.



Track your Lenten promises:

Draw out this picture (or copy it from the resources or download from and write your Lenten promise on it.  Make sure that there are 40 grapes as they represent the 40 days and nights of Lent.  You can colour in the amount of days that you have already completed.  Colour in a grape every day, purple for if you managed to keep your Lenten promise and pink if you didn’t. Hopefully, on Easter Sunday, you will have a picture full of purple grapes.

Prayer is really important during Lent, it helps to deepen our relationship with God but it can also help us to keep out Lenten promises.


Just like you, Jesus did not find it easy to fast, he was tempted in the same way that you might be tempted to break your Lenten promises or fast’.

When you are tempted to eat chocolate or drink pop, or aht ever you have given up, say a prayer to God asking for help to keep going.

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