During the first week of February, we celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week. Interfaith harmony week started in 2007 and called for Muslim and Christian leaders to engage in a dialogue based on the two common fundamental religious commandments: Love of God and Love of our neighbour.

Now, the UN world interfaith harmony week provides a platform—one week in a year—when all interfaith groups and other groups of goodwill can show the world what a powerful movement they are and how important it is that we work together in harmony to build a better world.

On Tuesday, Year 9 were able to participate in our very first interfaith question and answer panel! Our guest speakers included representatives from the Catholic, Pentecostal, Humanist, Buddhist, Muslim and Anglican communities and our brilliant questions were put forward by our students. We learnt about the favourite and the challenging aspects of different people’s faith; whether they believe in God and what God looks like to them; we reflected on the role we have to play in the environmental issues today and we had a short demonstration of what Buddhist chanting looks like! We learnt a lot from our guests and were very grateful to our guest speakers for sharing their beliefs and answers with us!

We are really looking forward to hosting our next interfaith event as we recognise the importance of learning about other beliefs and how we can work together in harmony to make the world a better and more peaceful place.


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