This afternoon, 8 members from the St Patrick’s School Chaplaincy Team were chosen to go to Year 4 to inspire future Chaplaincy Team members and to represent the work that we have all done this year. It was our job to give them an idea of what Chaplaincy Team is all about and we did this by answering their questions, telling them about life in the Chaplaincy Team and encouraging them to apply themselves.

After putting a plan together in just 15 minutes we went to Year 4 and prepared a prayer focus. We began by saying the Chaplaincy Team prayer and then we listened to the scripture which told us about having great responsibility and a job to do within the Church. We then explained how we live out the scripture through our work in Chaplaincy and we shared our Chaplaincy Team expectations so they understood our values and beliefs. We gave them questions to reflect on, that would help them to apply to be a part of the Team and they were very curious to know how they could become a member of the Chaplaincy Team.

Once the application forms were given out, members of the Chaplaincy Team spread out in the room and helped and helped the future Chaplaincy Team members to take the first steps towards becoming servants of God within our school. Some children in Year 4 were able to share what they had written to inspire others.

The forms were given in to our teachers and now it is just a matter of time before we find out who will be in the future Chaplaincy Team…!

Be Inspirational