The Theme this week is ‘Inspire’

The word inspire means “filled with the spirit” and there are times when all of us take inspiration from the events and people around us. St Paul was inspired by a vision of Christ to change his ways and be a better person on the road to Damascus – we too can be inspired by Christ to change for the better. This week, think about how you can be inspirational.


Moses was and is still an inspirational figure to Christians. His courage inspired his people, the slaves of Egypt, to leave their lives in hope of the promised land.  The first song shows their joy and what can be achieved when someone inspires you to believe in yourself.

With a little bit of inspiration, you never know how far you can go! Keep on trying and you will inspire others!

Here is a great inspirational worship song.

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

Using your talents to inspire others.

This week’s activity is going to be a little different.  We are going to give you the freedom to use your talent to inspire others. Here are some ideas but feel free to create your own!

If you are an inspiring…

  • Artist – could you draw a painting for your front window to inspire others to do the same.  This could have a theme like supporting the NHS or any picture that you think will bring joy to others as they walk past your house.
  • Reader – could you have a ‘story time’ with your family where you read them your favourite story.  Can you inspire them to do the same and have a weekly ‘story time’ where one member gets to share their favourite story and explains why they love it so much.
  • Musician – Could you play your family a piece of music or even put together a mini concert. Could you inspire them to join in.
  • Singer – Could you sing your family your favourite song, perhaps inspire them to do a duet with you.
  • Sports person – could you inspire your family to do a little exercise and play a game in your house or back garden if your lucky enough to have you.  Could you set up ‘keepy uppy’ or spin around the pole challenges, inspiring them to do more physical activity.
  • Organiser – could you organise some cupboards or wardrobe, could you make a system and inspire your family to do the same
  • Board game player – could you challenge your family to one board game a night, inspiring them to see the joy of playing.

These are just a few ideas. What are your talents and how are you going to use them to inspire those around you?


Achievement Chart


Your next activity is to make yourself an achievement chart and place it where the whole family can see.  Each day you have to cross off the achievements that you successfully complete. We have given you a template below but you can personalise it and create your own achievement ideas.  Don’t forget, they can’t all be easy, sometimes things are difficult to achieve but that’s what makes it even more inspiring!


I woke up in a good mood
I dressed myself
I didn’t interrupt and waited patiently
I stopped playing the computer or tablet when told
I used nice words
I kept my hands to myself
I was good in the bath
I didn’t whine or cry
I used my inside voice
I went to bed when I was told
I shared my toys
I listened to adults
I tried all my food
I helped clean up
I was good in the car




As we saw from the music video, Moses is a very inspirational figure for all Christians.  Watch the story of Moses and try to answer the questions below.

1.) How did baby Moses’ mother keep him safe from soldiers who wanted to kill him?
she dressed him up like a baby girl
she hid him in a cupboard
she put him in a basket and floated it on the river
she sent him on a trip with her parents
2.) Who found baby Moses?
the pharaoh’s daughter
a pack of wild animals
the Queen of England
Moses’ father
3.) When Moses got older, what did he tell Pharaoh?
to let his people go free from slavery
that he should make Moses his right-hand man
that they were brothers
to run away from Egypt and never return
4.) When Pharaoh wouldn’t listen to Moses, what did God do?
make Pharaoh blind and deaf
send plagues
kill Pharaoh
send an army to destroy Egypt
5.) How did Moses help his people escape Egypt?
he parted the sea
he build a bridge over the sea
he stole all of the soldiers’ weapons during the night
he gave Pharaoh a sleeping pill
Be Inspirational