During the first term at Sacred Heart, the Faith in Action award scheme has been implemented. This is a year of service dedicated to allowing the young people who participate to deepen their faith, but also think for themselves and to be able to reflect on what it means to have faith and how important our actions are as people of faith. As part of the award, the children have to complete 20 hours of service, which involves the group really getting involved and sharing and celebrating the great work that they already do with their faith. One of the ways that they have done this was by planning and leading an Act of Worship in front of the whole school. They put a lot of planning into the theme of Encounter and were able to share a beautiful time of prayer which was very brave as they opened up about certain aspects of their personal faith. They shared ways which we can all encounter God in our lives.


The Year 6 students had the opportunity to go to the Briars and deepen their faith. Whilst on retreat, the young people had the time to lead their own prayers in the morning in front of all their friends, which allowed them to challenge themselves to be more open with their faith in front of others. The opportunity to speak on a deeper level was had whilst they were in their small groups, but above all, the children had the opportunity to experience faith in a variety of ways. They were exposed to different ways of encountering God and were able to realise that faith can happen in a variety of ways and is all inclusive.


Sacred Heart also celebrated Black History Month by having a day where the children could learn about different influential black people of our world. They were all asked to research a famous people and to find out what they had achieved and how they impacted our world. Throughout the day there were various activities that had to be done right until the end of the day where each class presented what they had learnt to the rest of the school. It was a great day full of knowledge and fun, with the children showing a great desire and hunger to learn more about the impact of these black people and to celebrate them with the school community.

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