Lots has been going on at Good Shepherd this term!


The Year 6 students had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Briars, a chance for them to retreat back from the hectic nature of school life, and take a step back into the Derbyshire countryside and look at where they stand with their faith and whether it needs to be strengthened or if there is anything to be done to find faith. The young people arrived on the Monday and were told the small groups that they were going to be in for the rest of the week. The small groups are key to the week at the Briars, it is where the students will spend most of their time, and is where the conversations about faith really take place. They are encouraged to be open and honest with everyone not to be afraid of speaking about their faith. Of course, there is plenty of fun to be had in the small groups such as arts and crafts, 1 minute movies and small group games that never fail to put smiles on faces. As the end of the week drew near, they had had the opportunity to explore their faith in many different ways. This is something which they have brought back to school with them!


We started Advent with a beautiful celebration of Mass. All the year groups across the school were involved in the Mass and they used their amazing voices to sing praise to the Lord. All of this celebration was started with Father Philipp, who filled the room with song and put smiles on the faces of young people. During the Mass, we had the chance to bless the Advent wreaths for each classroom, each brought forward and lit to signify the start of Advent.


The Faith in Action group has also been running every week and it gives the children to opportunity to develop and grow their faith, whilst helping others to encounter Christ. Their first task was to lead the school in a whole school Collective Worship, where they could talk and show the others in the school about their faith. The theme was encounter and they spoke about how others could encounter God, and what to do in order to accept Him into their lives. They spoke with confidence and really challenged all the students at Good Shepherd to think about what they can do to allow others to encounter God over their time at the school. The message that encountering God can be made through small actions and doesn’t have to be through grand gestures really came through this whole time of prayer.

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