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“Wypelniony Duchem Swietym zaczal mowic w innych jezykach”

That simply means, “Filled with the Holy Spirit, they began to talk in other languages.” At English Martyrs, the Year 5 children were thinking a lot about this, particularly as in their class they have pupils who can speak different languages. The Polish above was read out by one child, along with some other Polish sentences, which was very brave of him and he did superbly.

The Holy Spirit then came upon everyone as red cloths were passed along each child in the school in a Mexican wave fashion. I think that everybody was filled with the Holy Spirit at that point!

Beautiful prayers and reflections were produced and read by the children and there was even a little role play for the school to enjoy. The children were a credit to the school and were showing great levels of independent faith. Particularly as SATs exams were going on around them so we had to keep the noise levels down!