Exploring the reason for the season!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and joined the 6th Form Chaplaincy Team on Monday 4th December for our Advent Liturgy. It was a beautiful and prayerful way to begin our Advent preparations and to really think about the ‘reason for the season’. After we had begun the Liturgy by singing together and the scene was set the Chaplaincy Team invited everyone to make their way around the 4 stations in the Hall which were based on the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. There was an opportunity to reflect on these themes, to explore the scriptures and to be active in responding to God’s call to bring more Hope, Peace, Joy and Love into our lives. As our journey through Advent continued the light on our Advent Wreath grew and the Chaplaincy Team invited everyone to light a candle from the Advent Wreath and to choose the candle that they thought the world needed a bit more of. Soon our prayers for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love were placed around the manger and we were invited to spend some time in song and in prayer thinking about what we had experienced that evening.

After the Liturgy the Lourdes team provided some tasty refreshments and many people congratulated the Chaplaincy Team on the wonderful and prayerful way in which they had prepared and led the Liturgy that evening. A huge well done to you all – you are amazing!

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