There’s a tradition on Epiphany Day of the priest proclaiming at Mass the moveable dates of the coming year.

It comes from a time before people had ready access to calendars and diaries, let-alone universalis on their smart-phones, but it’s a lovely tradition to keep alive, and the words (which alter every year of course, as the dates change) are in the Roman Martyrology.

A musical announcement of this year’s dates can be found here and the dates are listed below.

17th February – Ash Wednesday (start of Lent)

4th April – Easter Day

13th May – Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ

23rd May – Pentecost

6th June – Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

28th November – First Sunday of Advent

Although we are in uncertain times currently our faith always brings us hope – God is constant and we can always look forward to these milestones in our year as opportunities to renew our faith and to encounter Christ.

Why not try creating your own musical setting for the announcement of this year’s moveable dates? You can share your tunes and ideas in the comments below

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