It’s the last week of term, and as 2014-15 draws to a close it’s time to look back on an amazing year and look forward to a well earned holiday and an exciting new year in September.

This week’s word of the week is – Achievement. In school Achievement is often associated with academic success and while that’s important – it’s not the only area in we can achieve when were at school.

We can achieve incredible thing in our friendships, in our relationships or thorough our experiences. We can even achieve things that we didn’t know possible – if we trust in those around us and make an effort.

Achieving a great exam result is really important, but so is achieving a great friendship or greater self confidence. This week we want you to think about what you’ve achieved both in and outside of the classroom so that Wednesday can be a real celebration of not just how awesome our school is but how awesome you are!



We begin with the Sign of the Cross

It’s time for our “Word of the Week” check out for the notices at the bottom of the screen and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

As we said in the video – we need more words! Think of all the words you can think of for future episodes and prayer themes and write them in the box along with either your form name or the persons name who chose it and we will make sure to credit them when we use their word!

Lord, give us the opportunity to share your word with others. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

imagesLast night was awards evening. It’s a great chance to celebrate the amazing achievements of so many in our school. This morning your challenge is this:


As a table/row/small group write your names on a piece of paper and then hand it to another table/row/small group.

When you get a list of names you must think about an award that each person on that list deserves. It might be a “best friend” award or an award for “best haircut”. It may be something more serious like “bravest person” or “most inspiring” what ever your choose it must be positive and genuine – no room for sarcasm or jokes on this one!

When the decisions have been made ask everyone to pass those lists to another table/row/small group (but obviously not the group that contains the people on the list) and get them to check/add suggestions.

Hand these back in to your for tutor tomorrow (can you see where this is going…?!)

Spend a few moments in silence to say thank you to God for the people in your form and for the things they have achieved.

Lord, thank you for your many blessings and for all we have achieved. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

award_certificate_w_stampIt’s awards time! Using the special music below for added effect (should you need it) take some time to award each award to each person for yesterday’s nominations. If you didn’t have chance to finish the awards then you can use the extra 30 mins of form time to get them completed!



Lord, thank you for everything you have helped us to achieve. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


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