Diversity – The Becket (5th – 8th Feb)


We are in the 5th week of Ordinary Time in the Church’s Liturgical Calendar

The Liturgical colour is Green

The Word of the Week this week is…

Diversity and Mental Health Week!

Diversity inspires us to celebrate our differences and to respect the dignity and value of everyone. We are all made in the image of likeness of God and we can recognise God in all people, however different they may seem. Diversity reminds us that we are all called to love one another and to create a world where everyone feels loved, accepted and included. Think about those people in your community who may feel left out. This week, try to find a way to help them feel loved and included.

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Celebration of the Word:
This week’s Celebration of the Word will be live streamed to the whole school on Tuesday. Please see tab below!
Year 7 House Board Competition – Lent!
Form tutors – please see email from Ruth regarding the details of year 7s house board competition on the theme of Lent and some ideas for inspiration!
Tickets are on sale for this year’s music – The Quest!
Refreshments will be sold by the Lourdes fundraising group. Please bring change for drinks and sweet treats!
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Ski Trip!

Anyone going on the Ski Trip that hasn’t given Miss Watson their passport needs to ensure that Miss Watson has their passport and GHIC card by the end of school on Wednesday. This is crucial to ensure full attendance on the trip.

Year 8 – New Be Inspirational Website Trial Feedback Form 

Year 8 – Thank you for taking part in the trial for the new Be inspirational website last week, we really appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm! 

Please complete this short feedback google form to help us to make form time prayer even more prayerful, engaging and enjoyable and to reflect on some of the possible changes we could make to the new website.

Please click on the link below. You can complete this google form as a staff member (staff voice) and on behalf of your tutor group (student voice)

You can either submit the form electronically with ideas shared by your form or you can ask students to write the questions and their answers on post-it notes or pieces of paper – but make sure that these are handed into Ruth please!



Mental Health Week Resources 

Please find below the PowerPoint shared by Mrs Harrison-Scott for this week’s Mental Health Week.

Monday – Introduction and positive affirmations

Tuesday – Celebration of the Word LIVE STREAM 

Wednesday – Well-being Tips

Thursday – What can we do?

For the ‘your voice matters’ activity on Thursday, please hand all completed slips to Mrs Harrison-Scott (in C10 or staff room tray)

For the student choice activity on Thursday becket reads, please vote beforehand so that you can make sure that you are prepared.

If you opt to do meditation, there is a hyperlink on the slide and if you opt to do colouring in, there will be pictures left in the staff room.

There is also a mental health first aider poster in your pack, please display this in your form room.


Click “Powerpoint Children’s Mental Health Week” below for the Powerpoint:

Powerpoint Children’s Mental Health Week


Wednesday’s Video Resource:



We invite you to join in making the Sign of our Faith, the Sign of the Cross. 

All: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”  

Leader/Young person: “We end our prayer by making the Sign of the Cross.”

All: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”


Be Inspirational