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Climate change is the recent change of weather that has been caused through pollution and human industry. The pollution created by our machines have caused a greenhouse gas. This means that the gas has created a thick layer in the atmosphere, therefore letting sunlight in, but not letting it bounce off the ground and out of the atmosphere. All this excess heat then melts various ice structures around the world and carbon dioxide from cars make the situation worse.


If the polar ice caps melt, there will be a crisis of flooding in areas near the ice. We as Christians should help prevent future situations like this because if we don’t, we won’t be building the kingdom of God, we’ll be destroying it! There are many people who know methods of preventing climate change, but they don’t use the method because the don’t think that people will support them. If I were to tell those people so something, I would tell them to change the world so that it becomes a better place for everyone, no matter what people say. There is no feeling better than the feeling you get when you’ve helped or saved someone.


There are many ways to get involved. Such as putting in posters in public buildings (with permission), attending eco meetings in the council, volunteering to clean the area with other volunteers and sending letters about your Ideas to MP’s that work under the eco-department. I have learnt during my time of taking part in the ‘Faith in Action Award’ that there are ways to help the people who aren’t as fortunate as us and we should learn to use those ways to change the human world to become a more environmental, safe and peaceful kingdom of God.