So that day is here, time to celebrate and have some fun! Below are just some things to keep you as busy as Santa’s elves on Christmas eve! Enjoy!

Activity 1

Christmas House Competition!

So your Job is to get your house in the festive spirit and re-write a famous Christmas carol to celebrate your house.

This competition will be judged on a year by year basis, so there will be a winning house in each year group today from Yrs 7 -11. That means that if your house wins in every year you could land yourself a whopping 60 house points!

The Christmas carol you need to re-write is ‘Jingle Bells’ you need to do three verses and one repeating chorus and you need to submit your forms entry on the site by leaving it in the comments box below.

If you’ve not submitted your entry by the end of the form time – your entry will not be counted! and should you need some inspiration try this epic Christmas Medley


Activity 2

“That looks Sweet”

This activity involves the sweet wrappers that you’ve hopefully brought in for today! You should hopefully find in your tutor wallet 4 sheets of A4 paper with some odd lines and the letters L and/or D on them!

All you need to do is make sure that you stick the “light” coloured wrappers on the bits labelled “L” and the same with the darker wrappers on the sections marked “D” It’s not important what colours they are just that they are clearly different – please make sure to bring send someone down to the chapel with these as soon as you’ve finished as we need to put it all together at lunch time!

Activity 3

“High 5!”

There’s only one more day left of the year and it’s a great time to do what countless celebrities will be doing every night on TV – Counting down the top 100 everything and reminiscing on what has been the best things of the year – so with that in mind it’s time to spend a bit of time deciding on your top things of the year! Your categories are:

  • Top 5 songs of the year
  • Top 5 Morning form time AOW’s
  • Top 5 School events
  • Top 5 Films
  • Top 5 Celebrities

Split into groups, decide on our lists then argue your case for your top 5 of the year!

And as we close up for Christmas – here are some other people getting ready to break up for the year – enjoy!



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