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Global Climate change is one of the biggest issues on the planet. Scientists are 95% certain that we are the main cause of this. Climate change doesn’t just happen in the UK but in every place around the world. It does not have a great effect on us in the UK, it makes a big difference overseas. In the UK, we are starting to see the impact of climate change. However, the impact is much more serious in third world countries such as places in Africa and India.

From typhoons or floods destroying entire communities to unpredictable seasons for farmers. The changes are undoing years of work to stop poverty and make an end to climate change. Would you believe that 44% of people living in affected areas of poverty and climate change live on only 77p a day?

A little boy named Martin that survived a severe cyclone stated, “Everything was crushed. It looked like our houses and roads had never been there.” This is due to us. Did you know that 90% of people that die from natural disaster live in the poorest countries on Earth?

A teenage lady named Veronica quotes, “The river has been drying up, which means that they are not certain of food crops.” It is a fact that if the Earth grows two or three degrees over the next 20 years, two-hundred million new people will be at a risk of hunger. Surprisingly, that is three times the population of the UK.

On the other hand, we can do something about it. In the year of 2015 and beyond, confronting climate change is our challenge. Millions of the people across the face of the Earth are committed to stopping it. We can make the move to using sustainable energy. We can’t do it alone, we need the people in foreign countries to help us out.

We can stop poverty and climate change in many ways however, the main way to do this is if we put our ‘Faith Into Action’.

Christopher Rodrigues





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