In November of 2018 we took part in the annual Children in Need fundraisers that were happening in many places across the country. We hosted a wide variety of events across a week, such as cake stalls which included games such as guess how many sweets were in the jar, and lead up to a Christ the King classic of soak the teacher which involves two members of staff sat down and pupils paying money to have sponges and buckets of water thrown over them. Hot dog sales as well racked up lots of sales and boosted our already high amount of earnings for Children in Need. That fact we had so many donations that weren’t even to do with buying cakes or paying to have buckets of water thrown over teachers shows how much pupils care for this charity and openly want to support the work that they do, we as a school stand by the amazing work that Children in Need do and will continue to do so, even if that means getting absolutely drenched in the process! For everyone involved in soak the teacher and all the pupils who gave up there time to help sell sweets and to all pupils who made a batch of hot dogs for pupils, thank you and God bless you for all the work that you have done.

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