This week we are thinking about the word CHALLENGE!

Every day we face challenges, things we find tricky or hard to do.

The great thing is we always have people around us to help us with these challenges,

one of those special people is, of course Jesus.


This song is a really easy one to learn as it’s the same lines repeated again and again! However it’s a beautiful song, all about how when we are facing challenges we are surrounded by God and his love.

This song talks about needing God. It reminds us that in times when we are challenged he is always there.

Why not take a moment to to quiet and still, close your eyes and listen to the words of this song.

This song is a great worship song all about challenge.

Loads of us have been loving the Tik Tok challenges during lock downs, learning the dancers in particular.

Take a look at this compilation of our fantastic NHS workers doing the ‘Oh Na Na Na Challenge.’

Why not give it a go with some of your family at home and then have a think about some challenges you have faced during these challenging times.

How have you overcome them?

So many charities help people overcome challenges each day. Have a look at this video of the work the charity UNICEF do in Madagascar, helping local children.

What challenges have they helped these children over come?

Fr David Cain has recorded himself reading Sundays (17th January 2021) Gospel reading for us. Many of us can not go to Mass at the moment so we are really lucky that some of the priests in our Diocese are able to do this for us, so that in some way we can feel close to our churches even if we we can’t physically be there.

Listen to how Fr David talks about our word of the week ‘Challenge’ and how we are challenged to see everyone through God’s eye.

Why not have a go at this 7 day prayer challenge.

Welcome to the 7-Day Prayer Challenge! - Melanie Redd | Money prayer, Prayers, Miracle prayer for money

Here are some bible verses about challenge. Choose a couple that really stand out to you and write them down somewhere to remind you that we can do anything with Jesus help.


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