This week we are thinking about the word CHALLENGE!

Every day we face challenges, things we find tricky or hard to do.

The great thing is we always have people around us to help us with these challenges,

one of those special people is, of course Jesus.


This is a really fun song about not being afraid to face challenges bemuse God is always there with us.

Have a go singing along and then the second video shows you the actions. Enjoy!

Here are some fun challenges for you to try – remember every challenge is easier when you ask for help, from Jesus, friends or family.

Catch coins from your elbow

Rest the back of your hand on the same shoulder, your elbow should be pointed out and the underside of the arm facing up. Then place a coin on your arm, just above the elbow. The idea is to quickly draw your elbow into your side so that the coin flies into the air, and at the same time, flip the arm over so that you can catch the coin.

Can you wiggle your face?

This challenge is best played in a group. See who can wiggle different parts of their face without moving the whole thing. They can try wiggling their ears, nose, eyebrows or go cross-eyed.

Guess who

One person has to pretend to be a person and the other players have to guess who it is. They can act out celebrities, characters or people you all know such as teachers or friends. The catch is that they can’t say anything that will give it away. They need to use actions and their voice to try and act out the person as best as they can.

Have a look at these bible stories all about Challenges. Then have a think about the tricky things that happened and how they got through it.

Have a look at this 7 day prayer challenge and give it a go this week.

Welcome to the 7-Day Prayer Challenge! - Melanie Redd | Money prayer, Prayers, Miracle prayer for money

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