Building Hope in Bunkpurugu


Working together, all of our schools are supporting the Building Hope in Bunkpurugu project which aims to build a school in the remote and isolated area of Bunkpurugu in Northern Ghana.

Check back to this page to hear about what’s been happening on site and click on the news stories down the side of the page to find out what our community here in Nottingham has been doing towards the project.

There are so many ways to get involved so please explore and see how you can be involved in Building Hope in Bunkpurugu too!

May 2020

Earlier this month we received a video update from Fr Amani and our friends in Bunkpurugu!

Fr Amani explains that even during these strange and uncertain times the work to build the school in Bunkpurugu has continued to take place and he thanks everyone for their amazing efforts and support!


We pray for the safety and happiness of our friends in Bunkpurugu. 

Help us to be kind and generous and share what we have, so that we can continue to make a positive difference to their lives. 


March 2019

In March we received an exciting update on the progress of the build and a massive thank you from the community in Bunkpurugu!

November 2018

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23rd – 29th June 2018

At the end of June 4 members of staff from our schools (Miss Fitzsimmons, Mr Felstead, Miss Pettifer and Miss Ferrara) went to visit the school site in Bunkpurugu!

They have collected lots of incredible photos and video footage of their trip to show us the progress that has been made on the school site so far.

Look out for the photos from their trip and the blogs about their experience on the side of the page – coming soon!

15th June 2018

The builders have been working hard on the school building and this latest video from Fr Amani shows us the brilliant progress they are making on site!

May 2018

Just before staff from our schools made their visit to Bunkpurugu we received exciting footage showing the progress that had been made on the school site!

The foundations had been completed, the water tank repaired and construction had really taken off – check out the video below!

September 2017

As we start the new school year in Nottingham we have received good and not so good news from the community in Bunkpurugu! Watch the videos below for updates on the water tank collapse and the happier news of the laying of the foundations. We can finally see the layout and space of the school for the first time!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far – hopefully we can make some more fantatsic progress this school year!

May 2017

We have recently received news from the community in Bunkpurugu that they have been able to make a start on laying the foundations for the school!

Watch this video below to see the bricks that they are starting to use and to hear more about their plans for the site, you can even see the bore hole that, thanks to the fundraising across our Trust, was established in December 2016!

If you would like to donate and to help to build this school then please click on this link to donate via our Virgin Money page.

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December 2016

In December 2016 we received the wonderful news that a bore hole had been established in Bunkpurugu and that the water was fit for consumption! Check out these videos to find out more!

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July 2016

Miss Stephenson and Mr Keogh (Becket School) travelled to Ghana in July 2016 to visit the area where the School will be built and to meet some of the Bunkpurugu community who will be involved in managing the project locally.

Across all of our Schools we have already taken part in a huge range of fundraising activities and the hard work continues!

Check back to this page to hear about what’s been happening and to see how you can involved in Building Hope in Bunkpurugu!

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