Hi, we are the Chaplaincy Team and we are going to share with you what we do and how we live out God’s word. In our school we have two chaplaincy teams called the Our Lady’s Team and the St Edwards Team.

Every week we share a liturgy with the rest of our school to show how God can shape our lives when we need him. Being part of the Chaplaincy team means that we share out God’s word and show how we should follow in his footsteps like Jesus did, he showed us that we should never give up.

As chaplains, we have very important jobs like leading our liturgies and staying after school helping the catechists to teach the children who are taking part in their First Holy Communion.

One of the responsibilities as the chaplaincy team was to work with Father Paul and Deacon Paul to pick out four special saints or important people who would become our house patrons.

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