On Friday 25th September the whole school took part in The Becket’s challenge run for Bunkpurugu!

Students were sponsored to complete the run (5 laps) in their bubbles on the school field. Although it was a windy day, everyone showed great charisma, for a great cause!

A huge well done to everyone who took part and contributed to the donations, over £1400 was raised from this event! What a huge difference that will make to our community in Bunkpurugu.

So far, the school building is built, but we still have £10,000 to raise to buy resources, equipment and furniture for the children and teachers to use in order for them to teach and learn!

Every little makes a huge difference and Donations via sQuid can still be made!

Have a think about what we can do as a community to continue raising money for the community in Bunkpurugu…

We’d love to know any ideas you have- so let us know in the comments below or email us! r.cotter@becketonline.co.uk and j.martin@becketonline.co.uk

Not only did the run contribute donations to our Hub Charity, Building Hope in Bunkpurugu, there were lots of house points to be won from completing the challenge run the quickest time. All students from every year group in the top ten boys and top ten girls won their house points. Well done to Patrick House who won the most house points overall with this challenge!

Well done everyone!!

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