Happy last day of term! To celebrate this wonderful day we have a few things to do in your extended form time this morning to share some joy.

1. Advent Prayer

As a form group you have been set the mission to write an Advent prayer which will be delivered and shared to another form group in your bubble at the end of the extended form time at 9:10am. You will hear 1 long bell at 9:10am to remind form groups to deliver and receive their prayers.

Your Advent prayer must include the words: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Jesus. 

You can be as creative as you like with your Advent prayers!

E.g. it could be sung to a popular tune, decorated in a special way, or it may include rhyming, alliteration, or an acrostic poem! You can start and end the Advent prayer with the Sign of the Cross.

Remember that it is a gift to another form group, so make it special and unique!

Your form tutor or staff member will then select 2 students or your form reps to deliver the prayer to the form group you have assigned below.

If you are not delivering the prayer, you will be delivered a prayer by another form group. Make sure you are welcoming and listen carefully to their prayer.

The hope is that everyone will be praying an Advent prayer at the same time across the school! 

Please keep these prayers safe with your form tutors or staff member before you leave- you can either comment them below, send them to Joe and Ruth in an email or put them in their staff tray.

These Advent prayers will be shared with the wider community and will be used in future Advents (next year)!

Good luck!


Year 7:

7T deliver to 7R (C9)

7R deliver to 7P (C8)

7P deliver to 7N (C7)

7N deliver to 7E (C6)

7E deliver to 7B (C5)

7B deliver to 7T (C10)

Year 8:

8T deliver to 8R (B4)

8R deliver to 8P (B3)

8P deliver to 8N (B2)

8N deliver to 8E (A4)

8E deliver to 8B (A3)

8B deliver to 8T (B12)

Year 9:

9T deliver to 9R (C12)

9R deliver to 9P (C4)

9P deliver to 9N (C3)

9N deliver to 9E (C2)

9E deliver to 9B (C1)

9B deliver to 9T (C13)

Year 10:

10T deliver to 10R (B18)

10R deliver to 10P (B17)

10P deliver to 10N (B16)

10N deliver to 10E (B15)

10E deliver to 10B (B14)

10B deliver to 10T (B19)

Year 11:

11T deliver to 11R (A17)

11R deliver to 11P (A16)

11P deliver to 11N (A13)

11N deliver to 11E (A2)

11E deliver to 11B (A1)

11B deliver to 11T (A18)

Year 12:

12T deliver to 12R (A21)

12R deliver to 12P (A6)

12P deliver to 12N (A7)

12N deliver to 12E (A11)

12E deliver to 12B (A5)

12B deliver to 12T (A22)

Year 13:

13T deliver to 13R (A30 COMMON ROOM)

13R deliver to 13P (B25)

13P deliver to 13N (B24)

13N deliver to 13E (B23)

13E deliver to 13B (B9)

13B deliver to 13T (B30 STUDY AREA)

2. “High 5s

2. High fives!”

It is our final day at school in what has been an extraordinary year in 2020!

In a year that has been a challenging one it’s important to remember those positive things that have gotten us through or given us hope and joy!

It’s a great time to do what countless celebrities will be doing every night on TV over the Christmas break – Counting down the top 100 of everything and reminiscing on the highlights!

With that in mind we invite you to spend a bit of time deciding on your top things of the year!

Your categories are:

  • Top 5 songs of the year
  • Top 5 Morning form time AOW’s
  • Top 5 School events
  • Top 5 Films
  • Top 5 Celebrities

Split into pairs or groups to discuss your answers, decide on a list and then ‘put yourself on the line’ and state your case for your top 5s of the year as a class!

What are your high 5s and why?


3. Christmas Playlist

The word of the week is Joy so why not spread some joy by playing a favourite Christmas carol or song in your forms!

Below you can find an Advent and Christmas playlist sang and produced by The Briars Team.

Our LIVE Whole School Final Day Advent Liturgy is at 10:40am in Period 2 Classrooms- see you there!


 Join here: https://tinyurl.com/ya5pfp26 

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!