The word of the week is Awesome and it’s the last week of the school year!

Awe and wonder is an amazing gift of the Holy Spirit! It’s ability to see the incredible things God has created and not take them for granted. How easy is it for us to get bored and stop appreciating how lucky we are to have a beautiful world, an amazing school and people who love us?

This week reflect on those those things that are awesome in your life that you don’t always fully appreciate and give thanks to God!

Click on the different tabs below to explore this week’s prayer resources. We hope you have a great last week and a safe and wonderful summer break!

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It’s the 16th Week in Ordinary Time – Extra-ordo-nary


Let’s find out more about the week ahead in the Church’s Liturgical Calendar.

Click on the ‘‘Extra- Ordo-Nary” video below!



 “9:30am Club”

Join Naomi for the last 9:30am club (for a while!), with a special Faith in Action special with an award ceremony!


Every week we have Missionary Discipleship mission to complete- watch the video below to find out this week’s challenge!

Once you have completed it, send it to your chaplains Ruth and Joe or our acting lead lay chaplain Vicki,

Each entry will be featured on the ‘Home Time Hangout’ show, which airs every Friday at 2:30pm on NDCYS Live



“Making sense of it all”

We try to make sense of the issues affecting our world by turning to our faith.

In the last episode of the series we look at what we can be grateful for, what we have learned and how our faith can help us move forward.



Join Naomi from The Briars for the NDCYS “Home-Time Hangout” at 2:30pm on Friday afternoon!



“Friday Night Live”

Hang out with Naomi and special guests as they chat about hot topics from the week, take part in challenges and start the weekend!



If you missed the Big Schools Get Together Mass with Bishop Patrick you can watch it back here!


Our final ‘Word of the Week’ video for this academic year is presented to us by some of the lovely Chaplaincy Team at Blessed Robert Widmerpool Primary School!

As you watch the video, reflect on the things that you find awesome or have really appreciated during recent times.

We just heard of some amazing examples of things that are awesome in our lives!

As the mission says, think about someone who you think is awesome and say a prayer for them today. Maybe you could thank them in person or send them a message or letter to brighten their day!

Let us pray…

Thank you God for giving us today. It is great to have friends and teachers to help me learn and play.

Help us to be grateful in every way, as we learn to be trustworthy, respectful, fair and caring children of today.

Please watch over us as we explore and learn joyfully. Please bless our teachers, friends and family.


Let us know in the comments box below who or what you are thankful for and find awesome and tell us why!

Have a great day! 🙂

This week’s scripture reflection is presented to us by some of the wonderful students at English Martyrs Primary School!


As we hear in the video, think about the ways in which you can stay determined and confident in order to be awesome, because you are awesome!

Everyday we face challenges or hurdles, big or small. But our God is an awesome God and He will always be with us.

The phrase “Do not be afraid” appears over 365 times in the Bible! That means that for every day of the year we have a piece of scripture (the Word of God) telling us not be afraid because God loves us and is with us!

As we come to the end of the school year, spend some time reflecting on all the awesome things you have achieved and know that God is with you in your next adventures!

Let us pray…

Dear Lord,

We pray for those people who don’t feel awesome, they may feel sad, afraid or lonely. Help them to know your love, friendship and awesomeness.

Help us to be missionary disciples and share your love, your Word and your awesomeness with everyone we meet so they know they have a friend in you.

Help us to be humble and grateful for all the awesome people and things in our life. May we show our gratitude by being kind and loving to our friends, family, teachers and all the people who look after and care for us.

Help us to be Eco-Warriors and look after this awesome planet you have created so that future generations may enjoy it too.

Lord hear us

Lord graciously hear us

Being awesome isn’t always easy! In the video below we hear Kid President talk about what he would do if he were president, and what it takes to be an awesome leader.

Kid president is proof that children are powerful, clever and can make a difference!

How do you plan on making a difference and being a leader in your school/community?

As a family of schools we have been supporting our friends in Bunkpurugu and helping them build a school so that the children in Bunkpurugu can have a safe space to learn.

Think about how fortunate we are to have our own amazing school buildings. It is times like these when we really miss our schools and appreciate everything we have! Our friends, our teachers, our sports equipment, our school books, our playgrounds, our pens and our safe place.

The building of the school in Bunkpurugu is finished, however we still need to continue to fundraise to help fill the school with wonderful equipment and resources for the children to learn with!

Have a think about what we can do at home and when we go back to school to continue raising money for the community in Bunkpurugu…

In your last week of school or over the summer holidays can you create a poster with ideas of how we can raise money for our charity ‘Building Hope in Bunkpurugu’?

We’d love to know any ideas you have- so let us know in the comments box below or email us! and

Dear Lord, 

Help us to make good choices and be good leaders of faith and love.

We pray for the safety and happiness of our friends in Bunkpurugu. 

Help us to be kind and generous and share what we have, so that we can continue to make a positive difference to others.


Hello to all the year 6’s who are transitioning with us in September!

You can find our ‘Welcome to the Chapel’ video (with quiz!) on our Be Inspirational YouTube channel (link below) and The Becket School website in the Admissions section.

Make sure you keep a careful eye out in the video as it will help you to complete the quiz after the tour!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community in September!

Let us pray our Trust Prayer…

God Our Father,

Give us strength so that, guided by Our Lady’s example,

we can have the courage to say yes to you.

Help us to love like she loved, have faith like she had

and follow Jesus’ example in all that we do.

Inspire in all of us a sense of togetherness, so that we can use

the gifts you have given us for the good of all in our community

and bring support and healing to those less fortunate than ourselves.

We ask Our Lady to guide us, just as she guided St Bernadette,

as we seek to bring Jesus’ message of love

and forgiveness to others.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord.


Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

Every week Issie (Lay chaplain at Trinity and Catherine McAuley Hub) is going to teach us a new song called ‘You are my Vision’!

This hymn celebrates how great our God is! Spend some time thinking about what makes God so great. How does God give you wisdom? What are you thankful for?

Have a listen to the hymn and join in with the lyrics on the screen as we celebrate how great our God is!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for giving me courage.

Thank you for giving me wisdom.

Thank you for giving me a heart full of love.

Thank you for my friends and family.

Thank you for my school and teachers.

Thank you for the animals, nature and the beautiful world we live in.

God you’re so good to me, you give me everything I ever need.

Lord we thank you

Response: Lord we thank you


This summer, like never before, we are called to be signs of hope for our world.

You and your family are invited to be part of a Summer of Hope to ensure clean water and food reaches some of the poorest families in the world during this global emergency.

You can join Victoria (acting Lead Lay Chaplain and Chaplain at All Saints School in Mansfield) for an Act of Worship on CAFOD’s ‘Summer of Hope’ by clicking the video below!


If you haven’t already you can watch CAFOD’s national assembly in full to hear how the lives of others around the world are being impacted by the coronavirus and how we can give a helping hand to those in need.

Learn how you can feel more hopeful this summer while making a difference to others.

Be informed about what is happening

Be inspired about how hope can change lives

Become active in making a difference

You can find out more about you can get involved by visiting the CAFOD website! 

Let us pray…

Loving God, 

Give us wisdom so that we may understand what is happening around the world so that we may help our brothers and sisters in need. 

May we be inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach out to those in need and change lives. 

We pray that we may become missionary disciples and actively create a world of love, peace and equality. 

Be with us, Lord, at this time, that we may be a people of hope. 


Be Inspirational