Are you brave enough?


The students at Our Lady and St Edward’s School have been extremely busy planning some quite challenging Liturgies. They have asked for many volunteers for lots of different activities.

One Liturgy asked for volunteers to try to tackle the “Magic Bamboo Stick”! They tried to get the stick to the floor but along the way they turned against each other and started to blame others for doing something wrong. In the Liturgy we heard that we shouldn’t turn against one another but instead we should work together and love one another as God taught us to. We heard and saw the story of the King’s Servant and learnt that we should show love and mercy in the same way that God shows us love and mercy.

In another Liturgy there was a whole box of challenges! All of these tasks involved an element of Trust. One volunteer was trusted to be handed an apple but not to eat it, another volunteer had to trust a Year 6 to support then as they leaned back and one very brave person was led around the Hall blindfolded whilst the whole school watched! We learnt that we can always trust in God to care for us and to love us.

The Chaplaincy Team have also been working hard – even when they were not there to help with Monday’s assembly! When Year 5 went on their travels to London they left behind an audio recording to challenge the other students to work out who was the good Shepherd in the scenarios they told.

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