On Tuesday the 2nd of November we celebrated the Feast of All Souls.

All the Lay Chaplains in our Trust led 2 Virtual Liturgies, one for all the Primary Schools in the Our Lady of Lourdes Trust and then another for all the Secondary Schools.

The Liturgies were based around the piece of scripture;

“There are many rooms in my fathers house” John 14:1-6

We reflected on those who are at rest in heaven with God and took comfort in knowing there are enough rooms for us all in heaven, where our father will welcome us to eternal life.

At the end of the Liturgy each class or form were set a mission.

The primary schools were asked to decorate their classroom doors to make them welcoming, reminding us that God welcomes us all to heaven.

The secondary school forms were asked to fill in a image of a house with the names of people they want to pray for who are in heaven.

It was great to once again gather together virtually as a Trust through prayer.

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