On Thursday 13th December members of our community gathered here at The Becket School to enjoy an evening of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. The Sixth Form Chaplaincy Team dedicated their time to planning an evening where we could gather together and focus on the four main aspects of Advent. The Chaplaincy Team wanted to bring an evening of peace to take time away from the chaotic time of Christmas and really focus on the most important things this time of year. It’s often we get wrapped up with buying presents, putting up the Christmas decorations and catching up with family and friends that we can often forget that we celebrate Christmas in order for the coming of Christ. As the Sixth Form Chaplaincy Team, we wanted to set up stations for the four main aspects in order for people to take a moment to get away from all the chaos and focus on there faith and connection with God.

Our hope station consisted of writing their hopes and dreams, who helps them through these hopes and does their faith influence their hopes on some paper, they then posted their hopes away in order that their hopes will occur. This allowed our community to unload and reflect on the year they’ve had and whats coming in the new year ahead.

Our peace station was the quietest, we invited our community into the chapel to sit on their own and have some independent time of reflection. We played music, put peaceful images on the screen and put some of our favorite peaceful bible quotes on the screens. This independent time of personal reflection allowed our community to think about themselves and have time away from all of the business of Christmas.

Our joy station allowed the community to write what they feel joyful for on a big board and read what everyone else felt joyful for this year. This allowed us to reflect on what makes us happy in life and what we can always have in our minds in times we feel down.

Our final station of love asked the community to colour in a small square that the Sixth Form Chaplaincy Team then stuck together to make a bigger picture, highlighting the main aspects of Advent.

After everyone experienced each of our stations, we gathered in the chapel for some joint prayers and a reflection of the beautiful night. We closed our liturgy with Adoration where we could all end in silent prayer and prepare for the coming of Christ. We would like to thank everyone who joined us in a beautiful evening and a massive thank you to the Sixth Form Chaplaincy Team who worked hard to bring an amazing Advent liturgy.

Emma Bainbridge

Be Inspirational