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We have shared a wonderful journey this Advent.

HOPE.Our fantastic year 2 chaplaincy team began our journey by bringing us hope, thinking about how we could bring hope to others this Advent. As well as our collection for the Canaan trust we started a “reverse” advent calendar in each class, what could we put in the calendar to help others? Advent is also a time of reflection and prayer, a travelling nativity was sent to all classes so they could share in prayer and reflection with family and friends. The first advent candle was lit by our head girl Erin.

PEACE. Key stage 1 stepped up once again to bring us a beautiful Peace liturgy. They created a wonderful quiet space in the hall, playing reflective music and using candles to add to the peaceful atmosphere. We thought about what we can do to bring peace to the world, as a school we all made a pledge for peace. Our Peace candle was lit by our head boy Luke.

JOY. Our “Joyful” year 5’s led us in an uplifting liturgy. We entered the hall to some fantastic music and everyone felt happy. When we heard the word Joy we had to wave our “Jazz” Joy hands. Throughout the liturgy “Smiley” faces appeared every time something brought us joy. We having taken the smiley faces back to our classes and put them in our prayer corners to remind us of the joy we can bring to others. Our “Rose” candle was lit by our Joyful headteacher Mrs Mann.

LOVE. To complete our advent journey in school we had our last liturgy today. Our yr 6 chaplaincy Team put together a thoughtful and reflective liturgy which was shared with the whole school as well as visitors and friends of English Martyrs’ The final purple candle was lit by our R.E governor Mr Boot and it represents Love. We thought about how St Joseph is often overlooked, even though he showed the greatest love by supporting Mary and bringing up Jesus as his own son. We watched a short film about how simple acts of kindness can bring love to others. Our mission, simply to spread the Love of God to all this Christmas.