A postcard from Lourdes

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Hello Everyone, We have  been here for 2 days now, after a 24 hour coach trip we finally arrived in Lourdes.  We could all agree that we had never seen anything like it before the experience so far has amazing to say we haven’t even seen everything yet!!  everyone is still so excited for the journey ahead!

When we first visited the Domain we couldn’t believe how impressive it looked  one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. One of the greatest things is that everyone is so friendly so many people stop you in the streets and ask you about where your from, there is a great sense of community within the groups of helpers and leaders. In addition we have found that it has been so easy to make new friends because everyone is here is so kind and welcoming and we are all here  for similar reasons.

When we got to work one of the best things  was that being able to help take VIP’s  in wheelchairs around Lourdes and help them on their pilgrimage. This was one of the most rewarding things, especially when they tell you how grateful they are. Our pilgrimage has only begun but there is so much more ahead !!

We would love for you to keep up to date with us one the ‘ Be inspirational’ website leave a comment below and we should get it check back for more pictures throughout the week !!

By Johanna, Natalie, Siobhan and Theano

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