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Class 3 were finishing the topic of Baptism by preparing a liturgy which looked at what it meant to be a part of God’s family. A lot of hard work went into the focus that they had at the centre of the circle for their liturgy and also into all the other parts which they prepared including a drama, prayers, pictures and the story of when John the Baptist baptised Jesus.

Some volunteers from Class 3 then came down to Class 1 to share what they had done in their liturgy. Class 1 then set to work to create pictures and prayers, with the help of Class 3, and then celebrated a wonderful liturgy together.

Only a week later it was the turn of Reception to prepare for their class liturgy. We looked at the story of Noah’s Ark to show how God always takes care of his family. We had some brilliant actors to play the parts of Noah and God and everyone joined in with actions to build the Ark and all the sound effects for the animals so that it felt as if we were truly part of the story!
Some brave volunteers from Reception then travelled up the school to share the story of Noah’s Ark with Class 6. They soon had Class 6 joining in to play the animals and it was very impressive to see how well Reception spoke in front of Class 6!

After break Class 6 set to work preparing for their own Class liturgy which included a drama, a song, group activities, prayers, readings and a fantastic focus to remind of us the theme which was to think about what it is that God is calling us to doin our futures.

The following week began with Class 5 who were sharing their preparations for their upcoming Advent Assembly. We set to work preparing our own Class liturgy focusing on how brave Mary was to accept the good news that the Angel Gabriel delivered to her and how we can all be brave by accepting God’s call.

Class 5 then journeyed down to Class 2 and shared with them their Advent preparations. Class 2 then began to work on preparing challenges for each day during Advent which they would try to be as brave as Mary and accept them with a smile!