6th Form Prayer Resources – Eastertide

This week’s ‘Word of the Week’ is – ALLELUIA! In a massive change from the reflective nature of the last 6 weeks we are no in Eastertide! It’s a time for celebration and rejoicing! The world Alleluia means “Praise the Lord” and this week is all about celebrating and being joyful!

We’ve also got our Easter Production – Risen – taking place on Wednesday and Friday night this week at 7:00pm – Tickets are available from Reception!

This week your job is to find as many reasons to be happy and joyful as possible – and of course to bring that happiness to other people too. WE are called the celebrate Jesus’ resurrection so let the party begin!

The ‘Word of the Week’

Find as many words as you can that fit with the Letters of ‘Alleluia’ and think of things that you can celebrate this week! Pop your ideas in the comments box below!

Big Question

Without the resurrection Christianity means nothing. Discuss

Express your thoughts in the comments box below.

Each day you’ll be able to see what other people are thinking in the other forms and have a chance to respond with your thoughts/comments. Come back to the discussion each morning if you can!

The resurrection is the central and most important belief of the Christian faith – but what does History day – what do you say?

imagesForm time AoW should always start and end with the Sign of the Cross.

Each day when you’ve finished your discussion/activities spend a few moments in silence to think about the day ahead.

If anybody has anything or anyone they would like to pray for then don’t be afraid to share this with everyone before your end your form time AoW.

You might even want to create a prayer box that you can put intentions into each week if you don’t feel like saying it out loud. 

Be Inspirational