On Sunday we celebrated National Youth Sunday. On the feast of Christ the King, every year, the church focuses on its young people and celebrates everything that you bring to the world. Youth is not just about age however – it’s about our attitude. Anyone can be youthful if they fill their lives with joy and excitement. Think this week about what it’s like to being a young person in today’s world – is it easy? What difference can you make to the world around you?

One difference you can make is by helping at The Christmas Market on Thursday. If you want to get involved sign up with Marsha ASAP so she can let you know what you’ll be doing.

Make sure you use the last moments of each morning to come together in Prayer, starting and finishing with the Sign of the Cross and reflecting on what your discussions mean for you today. You could also take the opportunity to share those things of people that need your prayers this week with each other.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see here!

Is being a young person easier today or more difficult that ever? There are new challenges and pressures but also new opportunities. Have a talk and argue for the following statement:

It’s good to be a young person in our country today.

As always add to the discussion below in the comments box!

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Again this week we don’t have a space to all meet together so we’re going to meet online once again for our collective worship. You’ll need a volunteer too to help us with our large group activity!

    Lord help us as Young People to speak to our world! Amen.

    We’re back with our Friday Scripture Reflection – Have a watch below!

    Lord, help us to listen to your word and hear your voice in our lives. Amen

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