6th Form Prayer Resources – Week 3

This week is all about belonging. Our ‘Word of the Week’ reminds us that we are actually all part of something special. We belong to much more than a school, we belong to a community and that means we can rely on others for love and support when we need it the most. It also means that we’ve got a responsibility to play our part and look out for those people who need our help and support.

With that in mind we’ve got our first House Act’s of Worship this week on Thursday and Friday. The House System is something really important to belong to, and to be proud of! Belonging to a House means that you have something in common with people in every year and every part of the school.

This week we’re also starting filming for our new music video. For those new to the school – every September we try to capture what makes our school so special and put it altogether in a music video. If you want to get involved come down to the chapel at any breaks and lunch time!

(Don’t forget Thursday’s is still PSHCE so check that out at the bottom of the page too!)

The ‘Word of the Week’

What difference does it make that you belong to a Catholic School?

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Over the week give each person a chance to vote and then on Friday have a look at the results!


The Catholic Church is welcoming and helps anyone feel like they can belong. Discuss!

Express your thoughts in the comments box below.

Each day you’ll be able to see what other people are thinking in the other forms and have a chance to respond with your thoughts/comments. Come back to the discussion each morning if you can!

Where people belong is something that has been very prominent in the media lately.

If you are a refugee – where are you welcome? If you’re a migrant at what point do you belong to a new country? Listen to this poem and reflect on what it means to belong.

What makes you feel like you belong?

imagesForm time AoW should always start and end with the Sign of the Cross.

Each day when you’ve finished your discussion/activities spend a few moments in silence to think about the day ahead.

If anybody has anything or anyone they would like to pray for then don’t be afraid to share this with everyone before your end your form time AoW.

You might even want to create a prayer box that you can put intentions into each week if you don’t feel like saying it out loud. 



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