The Saints are a fascinating part of our church history and tradition. A saint is one of those men and women who in their life, and often their death, set us an example of how to live a life for God. They’re were not all perfect however! Often they made bad choices and mistakes in their lives too before turning back to God. They give hope to us all that we can be better people and one day become saint’s ourselves!

This week we’ll all be celebrating mass for the feast of All Saints day so look out for the activities this week in form time to help us prepare!

Make sure you use the last moments of each morning to come together in Prayer, starting and finishing with the Sign of the Cross and reflecting on what your discussions mean for you today. You could also take the opportunity to share those things of people that need your prayers this week with each other.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see here!

Can anyone become a Saint? Have a look at this massive list of Patron Saints – is it a way to connect with the divine or just some tradition of the Catholic Church?

This week’s big discussion is this:

Can the Saints really help you in your life?

As always add to the discussion below in the comments box!

    Time to see how much we know about the Saints!

    We’re back with our Friday Scripture Reflection – Have a watch below!

    Lord, help us to listen to your word and hear your voice in our lives. Amen

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