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This term in our PSHCE we’re going to look at our rights and responsibilities.

Responsibility is when we have a duty to do something for someone and as christians we only need to look to Jesus for an explanation of what those responsibilities are.

In this year of mercy we’ve seen the “works of mercy” and we have a responsibility to carry them out. Think about what you can do this week that reminds you of your responsibility to love and care for those people around you.

What responsibilities do you have a 6th form students?

Responsibility is something that we all have. Weather it’s something we choose or not. God calls us to do all sorts of things we just have to decide whether we’re going to step up.

What challenges are you facing at the moment? What decisions are you facing? What responsibilities do you have?

Spend a few minutes in silence thinking about what you are called to do and ask God for the strength to do it well!

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